Pyabr OS is presented as a Linux distribution with a new platform based on Linux Live Kit; It is a lightweight operating system developed with the Python programming language.

You can also participate in the development of this operating system or develop a program for it; Pyabr will always be free and we always want to bring you the best.

If you are using a laptop or computer with a 64-bit computer architecture from Intel or AMD, click on Download ISO button, and if you want to install Pyabr on a 64-bit Raspberry Pi or tablets and mobile phones, click on Download Image button to get the image.

Network & Internet

Pyabr requires network for downloading packages or updating

Portable Drives

You can use USB Flash or MicroSD card as a master disk for Pyabr

Memory (RAM)

Minimum memory in Pyabr 1G, recommend RAM >2G


Architecture CPU supports: AMD 64-bit, Intel 64-bit, ARM 64-bit