Install Pyabr in USB live boot drive

Install Pyabr in USB Drive

In this case we planned to install Pyabr operating System in USB Drive as a portable operating system.

Download the ISO of Pyabr

If you use x64 computer you should download the ISO of Pyabr, after this downloading the ISO you will burn it on USB Drive.

Please click here to download Pyabr ISO image.

Installactions of Pyabr

There are different types of installation of this operating system, but the most common mode is installation in portable usb drive; This operating system is installed in several ways:

  • As a portable OS in USB Drive
  • In a virtual machines
  • In cloud servers as a remote OS
  • In your master computer Disk (HDD/SSD)
  • In your raspberry pi MicroSD

Installaction in USB Drive

فایل ایزوی نصبی پای ابر
Downloaded ISO image

Before burning:

  • Select ISO image for burning
  • Use a USB Flash (minimum 1GB, recommended for you 4GB)
  • FAT32 Filesystem
نحوه نصب سیستم عامل ابری پای ابر
Master folder

Please extract ISO image and copy pyabr folder in your USB drive.

نحوه نصب سیستم عامل بومی و ایرانی پای ابر
Pyabr folder

After copying go to USB > pyabr > boot folder.

نحوه نصب پای ابر در فلش
Boot EFI folder

If you using Windows:

  • Right-Click on bootinst.bat
  • Run it as administrator
  • Complete the boot process

Tip: Windows users can use Rufus for burning Pyabr without this ways.

Unix/Linux users:

  • Open in Terminal
  • Run sudo chmod +x
  • Run sudo ./
  • Complete the boot process

After complete boot process you can insert your USB Flash again and boot it on QEMU virtual machine or restart your computer for booting Pyabr.

Booting step

Pyabr installer
Pyabr installer

This is Pyabr installer, Installing with this setup is so easy!

Please click Next button to continue setup or Cancel to stop installaction.

Configure host informations

How to install Pyabr?
Host informations

In this step:

  • Enter a hostname with Latin and small charactors without any space
  • Choose a strong password for Super usr account
  • Please pick a username for your main account
  • After that choose a password for your main account

After complete them click Next button to continue.

Configure locales & guest

Pyabr setup installer
Language page

You can choose your current language in Pyabr, Pyabr supports English and Persian as default language.

Guest user is a non-password account that anyone can enter your desktop with this user but they can’t access to your system.

Configure account informations

python os
Main account informations

In this page you can complete your main account informations; after that click Finish button.

Login page

Login page in Pyabr python cloud operating system
Login page

After power on your computer; Please enter ‘root‘ account or your main account.

If you enabled Guest account in setup you can enter with ‘guest‘.

Enter your password python operating system
Enter password

Enter your password and click Login button.

Removing Installer

Python operating system
Pyabr Desktop 2.0.1

For remove Pyabr installer please click Application menu icon.

Python os
Application menu

Please click on Package Manager application for removing.

Choose setup for removing
Package Manager

Click setup package for removing it.

Remove applications in Pyabr
Uninstall Installer

Click Uninstall.

That’s it! You can install Pyabr operating system successfully!

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