Python Operating System

New release of Pyabr!

Pyabr operating system has found new features in the new version, and we would like to present some of these features to you and introduce them in full.

Desktop Enviroment

desktop environment in qt
It is not KDE! it’s Baran Desktop Enviroment

The desktop and graphic layout has completely changed its old shape and has better capabilities than the previous version; And that the graphic shell is very user-friendly!

This picture is not screenshot of KDE Plasma! it’s Baran Desktop Enviroment written with PyQt5 and toolkits; This desktop supports Breeze theme as default theme.

Login page

Login page in Pyabr Python operating System
Login page

Login page and other pages use Breeze next wallpapers.

You can use Virtual keyboard in this pages:

  • Login pages (Enter username, Enter password)
  • Desktop
  • Unlock page

Applications Menu

Applications menu of Python operating system
Application menu of Pyabr

It is a simple primary menu applications in Pyabr; all applications stored in this menu that you can run them by clicking! it’s so easy;

You can post comments about the new desktop.

Virtual keyboard

PyQt5 Virtual keyboard
Virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard was one of the most essential parts of Pyabr that was added in the new version. Normally you can type in both English and Persian, but we put the keyboard for emergencies or tablets.

One of the advantages of the virtual Pyabr keyboard is the possibility of personalizing it; This virtual keyboard is written in the Python programming language and is not based on the Qt virtual keyboard.


In the new version, the web world in Pyabr was removed due to the extreme slowness of the first browser programs, but then its development started again and the disaster was fixed!

Web tools:

  • HTML Reader
  • WebView Application
  • Web browser
Gerdoo search engine in Pyabr
Pyabr 2.0.2 in QEMU

Gerdoo search engine is a default search engine instead of Google in Pyabr, But you can search with Google.

Cloud Protocol

Cloud protocol is a web based protocol starts with abr:// used for web applications; these web applications is no longer designed with HTML they designed by Qt Designer and written with PyQt5 codes.

What is cloud drive?

Cloud drives in Pyabt
Cloud drives

Pyabr operating system uses the cloud drive instead of supporting non-cloud and physical disks; You can now buy cloud disk providers from Hosting providers for a fee by subscribing to the cloud, or you can implement cloud protocol codes yourself in your server and connect to them.

New applications in Pyabr

We describe you new apps in this new version:

وای فای در پای ابر
WiFi network
  • WiFi and Network manager (Network-Manager and nmcli in backend)
Python operating system
General setting
  • Graphical setting
Python operating system written pyqt
  • Customize Desktop Wallpaper
  • Change Language app
Resolution of Pyabr
Screen resolution
  • Change screen resolution
Devices of Pyabr
Cloud drives
  • Drive manager app
Python operating system
  • Theme & Style app
Edit profile in Pyabr
Edit profile
  • User management (edit, add ,remove)
Clock in Pyabr
  • Clock and stopwatch

Package manager

Paye package manager
Paye package manager

Pyabr supports both the Debian package management and the Python Package Index! but Paye package manager is a default package management in this operating system written in Python programming language.

This package manager has a graphical user interface application.

Paye Store

Social networks

Pyabr supports Gap messenger for sending messages but you can install other social networks in Package manager store.

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