Bring the cloud to your home!

Pyabr OS - Python Cloud Operating System


Pyabr OS as a live operating system focuses on flash and is portable


We always try to provide you with one of the lightest operating systems; Pyabr is light and it is "its current size is 650 MB up"

Cloud features

One of the important goals of Pyabr is to provide open source and free cloud services to free you from the shackles of foreign business units and give you cloud control

Open source and free

Pyabr Foundation always tries to provide all the facilities for free; Also the Pyabr operating system is completely free and open source

Written with Python

Dear Python programmers, Pyabr is a completely Python operating system and environment without a cloud! All cloud footnote code is written in Python programming language and is provided to you in open source

Simple and stylish

We are always looking to provide you with a simple and stylish environment rather than a complex and inflexible environment

Made in Iran

Pyabr made in Iran but We support all countries for tutorials, fix bugs, programming and developing

Multiple computer architecture

Developers no longer need to programming for multiple architectures! Pyabr is a high-end operating system, and its applications are developed with Python

Developing apps for Pyabr

You can developing your applications with PyQt5 in Pyabr

Install in USB Flash

You can install Pyabr in USB Flash as a portable operating system

What is Pyabr?

Pyabr is a cloud based operating system written in Python …

Pyabr OS Gallery

Contact Us

Hello Pyabr users; Dear ones, you can contact us through social networks or express your opinions, suggestions and criticisms through the form below.

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Pyabr platform and its frameworks are Python based and develop independently and are not built on any other platform

PyQt Framework

All graphical parts of Pyabr operating system are developed with the popular PyQt framework, and developers of Pyabr applications use Pyqt directly


Pyabr platform is based on Python and is also the default language for Pyabr, unlike other low-level Linux languages such as C and Java, the primary language


Pyabr is actually a distribution of Linux based on Debian 11; You can also install it on all Linux without using a virtual machine and installation ISO